Object Craziness is a show created by Jay28jay2. The first episode aired on the 29th May 2013! Object Craziness was a last minuet name for the show since the origional name was forgotton about and i had to name the show!

24 (26 when they are debuts) contestants who are, Nice, Mean, Boring, Strategic and other stuff compete to win £1million! 12 of these characters are new to object shows and the other 12 are from object shows which are BFDI and Inanimate Insanity.

The show is not very popular due to it being a text object show but still has a chance of being extremely popular.

Object Craziness is the sister or brother show to Object Chaos by MrDoubleTGangster!

Object Craziness Cast Picture

Object Craziness Cast

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